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These 6oz homemade bath bombs use only the finest all-natural ingredients and each one contains a surprise premium ring inside! The sodium lauryl sulfoacetate creates the fizz, polysorbate 80 helps the ingredients dissolve, Epsom salt pulls toxins and dirt from the skin and pure essential oils give it the amazing aroma.

How to use; draw a warm bath, drop the bath bomb, enjoy and find your surprise. The ring will reveal its value by entering your unique code. The rings are hypoallergenic and free from nickel and lead. Rhodium plating is a finish put on all the gold fine rings. Rhodium is a beautiful reflective white metal that gives you white gold jewelry that dazzling ultra white look. All rings are custom-designed by in-house jewelry designers with beautiful CZ center stones.

You'll add peace to your day with our all-natural zen bath bomb by soaking up the relaxing blend of lemon, lavender and orange pure essential oils with a whisper of sandalwood silk, black raspberry vanilla and nag champa.

Bring happiness throughout your body with the all-natural tranquility bath bomb soaking up the tranquil blends of orange, lavender, and lemon pure essential oils while taking in the eternal rose and sandalwood silk aroma.

Experience the love of lavender with the all-natural lavender bath bomb, which will calm your spirit, body, mind and soul thanks to the therapeutic qualities of pure lavender essential oil with a whisper of jasmine.

With the all-natural heal bath bomb, you will soak up the amazing blend of peppermint, orange and lavender pure essential oils with aroma of patchouli aquamarine.

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