About the Brands

BED|STÜ, inspired by the resilient streets of Brooklyn, New York, opened for business in 1995. They believe in taking their time to create products that are as individual as those who wear them. They buck the trend of mass production to ensure the products are made the right way, while honoring the cobbler and the craft. Genuine, Unique, Imperfect! 

By JJ, puts you at ease with clothing that's simple enough to wear every day, unique enough to excite the imagination. The fabric used on each piece are linens, soft cotton, knits, and woven. Most garments are pre-washed and go through garment dye process. Every season you'll find an even greater range of designs and colors. 

Charlie B, one of our favorite collections that perfects the balance between chic and comfort. All designed were inspired and made by women. 

Chloe & Lex, named after Michele Hennery’s daughters, offers vintage handbags and wallets inspired from her overseas travel adventures. Fun, durable and flexible bags with unique colors.

Galazzia (guh-lah-tzia) is derived from the Italian word Galassia, which translates to galaxy. They are a fashion jewelry brand specializing in base metals and crystals. Galazzia celebrates individualism with an eclectic approach to design, inspired by vintage concepts with a modern twist. There are no rules in this galaxy, as their designs are created to fuel self-expression and confidence by pushing the traditional style boundaries.

HeadPeace, focuses on providing quality, stylish headwear that is ethically made--helping to make the world a better place, one piece at a time.

Last Tango, started off in the world of seamless dresses in early 2000, then expanding with their cut and sew division. The seamless line is made up of a nylon/Lycra blend and offers a great amount of stretch and flexibility for women of all shapes and sizes. The effortless design makes it easy for pieces to transition from day to night seamlessly, allowing so many options for basic layering.

Lulu-B, began as a small family business that was founded in 1977 in South Florida. They viewed clothing as a form of expression of one’s identity - functional, fun, colorful and most of all comfortable. It should flatter the wearer and inspire their circle of influence. To this day “Betty”, (the B in Lulu-B) still comes to work every day to check on things, to make sure the younger generations continue to uphold the quality one garment at a time, and to maintain the high standard quality of service to out customers.

M Made in Italy, is a complete lifestyle collection that was established in 2008 in Montreal - the most European of Canadian cities. 

PBJ Blues is all about layering comfortable pieces with fantastic colors. PBJ is the sister company to Tribal, which we also carry in our boutique line. 

Pretty Persuasions is a women’s accessories company providing scarves, wraps, jewelry, handbags, and socks to department stores and fine boutiques throughout the US. They began the company in 2007 with a beautiful line of unique scarves that immediately attracted a loyal following of customers. To satisfy their diverse needs, they expanded by adding handbags for all occasions, followed by jewelry that ranges from casual to exquisite.

Scout Curated Wears specializes in designing modern, multi use jewelry with a bohemian flare. Many of their pieces convert from wrap bracelets to necklaces. All of their items are beautifully displayed and packaged to brighten your day or make the perfect gift.

Sea Lily features a variety of jewelry pieces made from unique stones and beads. 

Soruka, offers unique, one of a kind handcrafted, environmentally friendly leather bags and wallets made by artisans using scraps of leather which otherwise go to waste and end up in a landfill. Their mission is to create beautiful timeless collections while using high quality leather and preserving traditional techniques, supporting the sustainable fashion and the fair trade movement.

Streets Ahead was created in 1982 by David Sack. With his unique perspective on style and his passion for original hand-crafted accessories, he sources his leather and hardware from Italy. Streets Ahead emphasizes the simplicity, beauty and timeless pieces with style and durability.  

Tagua, all of the Organic Tagua Jewelry is handmade and dyed using high-grade certified organic vegetable dyes imported from Italy. The collections offer a wide range of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, figurines, and key chains. Due to the scarcity and uniqueness of each piece, no two pieces are exactly the same. Additionally, the colors and/or color combinations available may also vary.

Tickled Pink, now called Hadley Wren, loves the thrill of completing an outfit with the perfect scarf or delighting a friend with the unique earrings that are just her style. They offer ponchos, hats, scarves and accessories make the perfect gifts for all the fun fashionable people in your life!

Tribal, was founded in 1971 in Montreal, Canada. It began as a women’s pants separates brand and has evolved into a fully merchandised lifestyle collection. Offering affordable seasonal assortments which emphasize comfort and fit, their collection isn't just about looking good, they're also about feeling good. 

Vaan and Co. brings to you a never before seen line of exquisite up-cycled products. Each piece is made of 100% genuine leather products and is thoughtfully engineered by a unique technique of hand patching. By using up-cycled material, the products may contain irregularities and disproportions which further are the main elements of our authentic products. This creative uniqueness is what truly separates us from other brands! Each item has a story of its own as no two are alike.

XCVI / Wearables pride themselves in designing clothing that should effortlessly complement a woman’s journey through the maze of life. Their clothes are meant for busy schedules in the face of “I have five places to be in one hour” challenges. They’re clothes to wear to your kid’s soccer game, to a friend’s backyard party, on your trip abroad, or for a day spent antique shopping. XCVI clothing is fashion you can LIVE in.