About the Brands

A.S.98 shoes are designed, created, and constructed by hand in an Italian family-run factory. Their inspiration comes to life in designs that become wearable art. The second you put them on, they are comfortable, adorable and the only shoes you’ll want to wear from that point forward. I’ve been wearing this brand for over 10 years. 

Accessorize Me is a leading wholesale jewelry and accessories company located in Dubuque, Iowa. Offering trendy pieces from jewelry to flowy tops at affordable prices.  

Beau Jours brings a whole new look to business casual. Their pieces are designed with versatility; to be worn while running errands or at a fine dinner - all while looking and feeling equally at home in either setting.

Bella Amore knows every woman is different. They know every woman is special. Their clothes, crafted and manufactured exclusively in Italy, are designed to highlight these qualities in every woman. For nearly twenty years, they have been providing and designing fashion-forward Italian wear to flatter every body type.

BED|STÜ, inspired by the resilient streets of Brooklyn, New York, opened for business in 1995. They believe in taking their time to create products that are as individual as those who wear them. They buck the trend of mass production to ensure the products are made the right way, while honoring the cobbler and the craft. Genuine, Unique, Imperfect!

Bos & Co. designs shoes that are created with breathable waterproof technology and genuine leather.

Brightly Twisted is dedicated to maintaining originality within the constructs of an increasingly manufactured world by the techniques of traditional tie-dye. At the root of their practice is the commitment to ensure that each piece remains a unique & fresh idea, an abstract look at color, and a distinctive work of art.

Capote is a women’s clothing brand based on empowering everyday women to realize they are actually quite extraordinary. They believe in creating high quality, comfortable, practical, and chic everyday clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.

Cecelia Jewelry Design plants a tree for each piece of jewelry sold! As a Minnesota native, she knows how tranquil the outdoors can be when treated with kindness and respect. 

Chloe & Lex, named after Michele Hennery’s daughters, offers vintage handbags and wallets inspired from her overseas travel adventures. Fun, durable and flexible bags with unique colors.

LUA was conceived on an inspiring journey to the countryside in the Far East by co-designers Dat Tran and Pat Gough. A chance meeting helped shape a perfect partnership between the designers, silk farmers, and skilled artisans. They tell their story through their signature collections of handmade fashion accessories from pure and natural fibers while providing a sustainable livelihood for these beloved communities and their centuries-old craft. The unique feel and look sold me on their products.

Miz Mooz has a vintage style, with hand-finished leather and unique detailing. Another brand of shoes I can’t live without. 

Mona B. works with local communities in India to create jobs, gather and recycle used military tarps, and save the environment. Every inch of waste and excess material, even something as small as a broken clasp, is repurposed for design accents to create her unique pieces. Because of this, no two bags are the same and each bag becomes one of a kind.

Pretty Persuasions is a women’s accessories company providing scarves, wraps, jewelry, handbags, and socks to department stores and fine boutiques throughout the US. They began the company in 2007 with a beautiful line of unique scarves that immediately attracted a loyal following of customers. To satisfy their diverse needs, they expanded by adding handbags for all occasions, followed by jewelry that ranges from casual to exquisite.

Stone + Stick is 100% designed and handmade in the USA. They start with a foundation of wood and brass elements, then work within their neutral color palette to create texture, pattern, and visual interest. Each piece is made in their downtown warehouse, a converted garage and repair shop, in the small town of Baxter, Tennessee (population 1500). 

Streets Ahead was created in 1982 by David Sack. With his unique perspective on style and his passion for original hand-crafted accessories, he sources his leather and hardware from Italy. Streets Ahead emphasizes the simplicity, beauty and timeless pieces with style and durability.  

Suzy D London is aimed at women of all ages who love fashion, and want to look and feel great. In 2005, combining high quality fabrics with affordable pricing, the ‘Suzy D London’ label was born – designed in London and manufactured in Italy. The label has steadily grown into a worldwide brand, supplying hundreds of boutiques and stores in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond.

Through Jimmy’s Eyes was founded by James W. Reagan (Jimmy) who has been creating art since 2009, significantly influenced by van Gogh, Picasso, Mid-Century artists and Expressionism. His work is express and inventive while innocent and sophisticated at the same time. Jimmy was diagnosed with complex autism at age 2 ½, so his work offers him a means to illustrate his perspective of the world. Truly one of a kind.

Tickled Pink loves the thrill of completing an outfit with the perfect scarf or delighting a friend with the unique earrings that are just her style. They offer ponchos, hats, scarves and accessories make the perfect gifts for all the fun fashionable people in your life!

Vaan and Co. brings to you a never before seen line of exquisite up-cycled products. Each piece is made of 100% genuine leather products and is thoughtfully engineered by a unique technique of hand patching. By using up-cycled material, the products may contain irregularities and disproportions which further are the main elements of our authentic products. This creative uniqueness is what truly separates us from other brands! Each item has a story of its own as no two are alike.

Vintage Concept has been in the business of ladies clothing since 1981. Their designs are inspired from classic vintage style of the past with the modern influences of now. Their goal is for their vintage looks to inspire you to be a more confident person and allow you to feel that comfort in basking in something all too familiar; as well as something that is all too new.

XCVI pride themselves in designing clothing that should effortlessly complement a woman’s journey through the maze of life. Their clothes are meant for busy schedules in the face of “I have five places to be in one hour” challenges. They’re clothes to wear to your kid’s soccer game, to a friend’s backyard party, on your trip abroad, or for a day spent antique shopping. XCVI clothing is fashion you can LIVE in.