Our Team

Gina started the boutique with a pop-up concept in 2017, showcasing her passion for unique, fun, and stylish clothing, accessories, and shoes. The decision to transition to a brick-and-mortar building in Eden Prairie in 2019 indicates the growth and success of the boutique.

Gina's commitment to offering a diverse and ever-changing selection of styles and products is evident in her mission to consistently mix things up. This approach not only keeps the inventory fresh and exciting but also ensures that customers have something new to explore and discover each time they visit Bella Gina Boutique. It speaks to her dedication to providing a dynamic and engaging shopping experience for her customers.

By actively seeking out new styles and vendors, Gina is staying ahead of trends and bringing a unique flair to her boutique. This commitment to variety and novelty aligns well with her goal of keeping customers coming back for more. It reflects an understanding of the ever-evolving nature of fashion and a desire to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of her customer base.

Overall, Bella Gina Boutique's story is one of adaptability, growth, and a passion for offering a distinctive and enjoyable shopping experience. Gina's emphasis on uniqueness and her willingness to explore new styles and vendors contribute to the boutique's appeal and ongoing success.

Kristina, Gina’s niece, has heard about the dream of a boutique since she was 5 years old. With her retail and fashion experience, she helps Gina pick out the inventory, maintain the social media and work with our Bella Beauties to coordinate the perfect outfit.

Kristina says; “I’ve been various sizes throughout my life, so finding clothes has never been easy. It’s exciting to work with Gina to select unique, fashionable and flattering clothing that works with every size. Our goal is to make women look and feel beautiful and the lines we carry truly do that.” 


Lisa’s fashion journey began with playing dress up - barbies, paper dolls, and friends! This led to a career in all aspects of both retail and wholesale from Marshall Fields to independently owned boutiques. Lisa is passionate about exceptional customer service and dynamic visual merchandising.  

Lisa says, "I am thrilled to help Gina continue to build her dream and cannot wait to meet all of her Bella Beauties.”

Angela has a passion for the fashion and beauty industry and have been in the field for years. She gets great joy from helping others find their new wardrobe that expresses who they are.

Angela says, "I have a keen eye for beautiful clothing and the ability to match clients with the perfect outfit! I love getting to be creative and very much enjoys working with Gina."


With love, Kristina & Gina