Fashion With A Purpose

Bella Gina Boutique isn’t your run-of-the-mill boutique. To understand the meaningful concept of this boutique, you must first understand its owner, Gina Pellegrini. Having a business working with financial advisors as a team building consultant for over 30 years - Gina is a believer in one very important thing, following your passion. 

Thus came Bella Gina Boutique. What started as a dream in her early 30s began as a pop-up shop in 2018. Since June of 2019, the boutique found a permanent home in the shopping strip on Hennepin Town Road. 

“I honestly couldn’t have done both businesses without Kristina my niece,” Gina says. “We work together in both businesses and she's always been at my side.”

Gina and Kristina work closely together to curate the boutique and provide guests with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. When it comes to determining which brands to carry in the store or online, Gina is passionate about finding labels with a unique message. She sources a variety of both local and international brands that not only create quality for long-lasting goods but also serve a larger purpose. 

A handful of the notable brands Bella Gina carries are Charlie B, Lulu-B, Tagua, Vaan & Co., XCVI, JJ, Joh Apparel, and LUA.

Gina says her goal is to always provide her guests with an exceptional experience. She will also open up the boutique for private shopping events by creating a theme with the host and handling the details. She curates the experience by offering different themes such as wine and cheese or Mimosa Morning—or you can choose your own theme! 

Stop by to check out our brands and the eclectic decor of Bella Gina Boutique.