Gina Pellegrini (left) and her niece Kristina Pellegrini-Genadek at Bella Gina Boutique in Eden Prairie. The store, located at 10165 Hennepin Town Road, showcases Gina’s passion for fashion and personalized customer service.
Photo by Stuart Sudak

Bella Gina Boutique, nestled in a shopping center at 10165 Hennepin Town Road on the eastern side of Eden Prairie, is more than just a store.

For owner Gina Pellegrini, it’s the fulfillment of a long-held ambition. “My husband calls it my expensive hobby, but I just love being here,” said the Eden Prairie resident.

Opened five years ago as a pop-up store near the Cloud 9 Car Wash and Detail Center, just off Flying Cloud Drive, Bella Gina Boutique now aims to provide unique products and a personal shopping experience for its customers.

“When I opened the boutique, my goals were to have people leave with a spring in their step and to meet women not connected to my other business, so I could be more involved in the community,” Pellegrini said. 

She also runs Eden Prairie-based Pellegrini Team Consulting, which provides services for financial advisors. Yet, it is the boutique where her passion for fashion shines. She enjoys helping people assemble outfits they never thought of wearing and encouraging them to try new colors.


A sign greets customers inside Bella Gina Boutique. Photo by Stuart Sudak


According to Pellegrini, the boutique is named Bella Gina because her grandmother, “my Nonna,” always called her that as a child. “I knew all along that I wanted to name it Bella Gina because it always made me think of her,” Pellegrini said. “Bella means beautiful, and I think that’s what people are looking for when they come here – to feel casual but beautiful.”

Her niece, Kristina Pellegrini-Genadek, has been part of the journey from the beginning.

“We go to markets together, and it’s nice because we’re two different sizes,” Pellegrini explained. “We both try things on; we don’t want to buy anything for the store unless we try it on, know the fabric, and trust the vendor.”

A memory from Pellegrini’s childhood shopping trips to Marshall Field’s in Chicago inspired the boutique’s welcoming atmosphere.

“She felt like a little princess when she walked into the boutique, and people greeted her by name,” Pellegrini-Genadek said. “When she wanted to open her own boutique, that was the atmosphere she wanted to create – knowing everyone’s name and their preferences.”

This personal touch extends to how the store handles its merchandise and interacts with customers.

“If something comes into the store that she thinks a customer might like, she’ll call them and say, ‘Hey, I saw this and thought of you. I’ll put it on hold for you,'” Pellegrini-Genadek shared. “She’s just that type of person who genuinely wants to help people find items they love.”

Despite its small size of 850 square feet, the boutique is packed with a variety of clothing, accessories, and even an insect-repelling scarf that has become a bestseller. Pellegrini describes the boutique’s clothing style as more casual, funky, and different.

The store’s demographic ranges from women ages 35 to 85. 

“Very eclectic – that’s probably the word I would use to describe the store,” Pelligrini said. “Our brands come together in an eclectic way. What’s most important to me is having fun with people and seeing their eyes light up. That makes me emotional. That’s what this is all about for me. If I can’t have that, then I don’t want to have the store.”

The boutique gets a lot of business by word of mouth from its regular customers. It also doubled its online sales last year, thanks to its growing online presence. Each Tuesday, they go live on Facebook to talk about new items or tips on how to wear or fold them.

“Being consistent with these videos increases traffic both in the store and online,” Pellegrini said. “I’m not a tech expert, but somehow the algorithm is working in our favor.”

Reflecting on the future, Pellegrini hopes to keep the boutique running when she’s 80. She’s nearing 69.

“I love that this is something I’m passionate about,” Pelligrini said. “I love it when women in their 70s and 80s come in. My mom is 89, but she acts and dresses like she’s 50, and she’s having a great time. I want that for myself, too. This boutique is where I can flourish and share my passion. My other business is my lifeline and income, something I’ve done for 32 years, but this is what I want to do now.”